The latest episode of Chhoti Sardarni will begin with Manav surprising Mehar. Because the Manav tells Mehar that Srabjeet has left to go to India with his son param. Because Manav is in the misunderstanding that Mehar is not happy with Srabjeet he thinks he dislikes him. Manav feels that Mehar is trapped by marrying Srabjeet. Manav wants to make Mehar realize that he is back in her life, now he need not fear anyone.

Choti Sardarni 2nd October Latest Update

In the next scene, you will see that there will be a thought in the mind of man that he should say to Mehar that I want to live my life with you that is why I have come back from the face of death. and He wants to make a promise to give her every happiness in the world. with he has sp many dreams and expectations in his eyes move forward to her. The same Mehar, on the other hand, goes towards srabjeet but srabjeet ejects Mehar whereas Mehar cannot even imagine his life without srabjeet.

Sarabjit on the other hand swears to bring Param and Karan back home. He wants to maintain her faith and hope. And with this, Manav confesses his love to Meher, taking advantage of the opportunity. The next day Mehar and srabjeet wait for Martha in the hotel before going to court as they think she will forgive him for her husband’s death as Mehar has cured Angel. After their arrival, the Manav with flowers reaches the door and opens the door, to see that Mehar and srabjeet are taken aback.

So it will be very interesting to see if the Manav will break all its limits on the refusal of Mehar. In the latest promo, Maihar’s twist faces rejection by Meher as well as srabjeet will be shot to bring a twist to the story. Will this be the end of Mehar and Srabjeet’s beautiful love story or will a new twist come. Stay tuned for the latest updates related to the show. And don’t forget to watch it as well at 7:30 pm.


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