The upcoming episode of Choti Sardarni will be going to give a boost to the TRP as the makers will be going to introduce a very genuine turn. Yes, the story of the show already going on very fabulous that heating up the entire environment in which the relationship between Seher and Kunal creating some issues. Seher wants to tell everything about Kunal to her brothers Param and Karan.

Choti Sardarni 9th August 2021

The episode that will be going to air on 9th August 2021 will begin with Param asking Kunal about his business. Seher says to Param that she wants to say something she says that we both want to say something.

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Param asks both and asks them that they know each other. Kunal says that he is not who Param is thinking. Then, Seher says that he is not a Business tycoon and Kunal says that he is doing a job in an MNC. Seher further says that she has to do this drama as she wanted to introduce him to Param.

Seher reveals that Kunal is her boyfriend. They are shocked after hearing this and Rajveer says why did she say all this. Seher further tells that they have been together for 2 years and they both are happy with each other.

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Then, Kinal says that he is not rich but he loves Seher a lot. Kunal further says that he will spend his all love with Seher. When Kunal does not stop and continuously saying something about their love, Param shouts at him to shut up and tells him to let him talk to his sister. After that, Rajveer wants to intervene but Nikhil stops him. Param says that Seher we didn’t expect this from you. He further says that how many more lies she hasn’t told them. After that, Karan also says that did you come here to do all these things.

Param says we had many hopes from Seher. On the other hand, Nikhil says Karma to Rajveer and he says that only ending was left as your way will clear for Seher. Rajveer says to him Shut up as he is not selfish. Rajveer further says that he did not want Seher with a broken heart.

The story of the show going to be very fabulous and engaging millions of people to watch the upcoming episode. Choti Sardarni will be going on air on Colors TV at 7:30 PM. The show always holds a very huge TRP that helps it to always remain in the top position on the TRP Chart.


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