Here we have come up with the latest update from Choti Sardarni, which is one of the most entertaining shows all the time, and it is collecting high TRP, millions of people are watching the show, as per the source, we will get to see new drama and twist, here you will get to know the upcoming twist and turn, and the beautiful story of Mehar and Sarabjeet. So let’s get started.

Choti Sardarni 19th October Written Episode Latest Update

In the upcoming episode, you will get to see, that Mehar is so worried and scared, and the reason behind this is Manav because Manav has threatened her,  that she has his son and at any cost, he wants his son back from her, but Mehar does not want to her son as she loves her son a lot and Sarabjeet also loves.

Manav warns her that before Diwali he will be having his own son, she is pretty scared about it and at the end, she goes to her husband means Sarab and apologize to him that she could not save her child, she tells Manava will snatch our child, Sarab is quite shocked after Meher is so broken and crying in front of him.

Sarab is in the dark about the person, that who is going to snatch her Karan, she tells Manav, he said, is Manav is aline or you have already met him, he tries to know the truth, as per the information, finally Meher tells the truth and says to him that Vikram Diwan is the Mana, and she was threatened by him that he will take Karan Away before Diwali, he knows Karan is his child, he was the ex-boyfriend of Meher and now he is the husband of Aditi, she tells entire story to Sarab.

In the other scene, he was afraid, he thinks Vikram will spoil Aditi’slife, Mehar tells Sarabjeet that he has been following her for a long time and, he also went to Serbia just to meet her, and she reveals every single thing related to him so far, Vikram has got his memory back at the time of her marriage, now it will be so interesting to see what happens ahead in the show, do watch on Colors and OTT app VOOT.


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