Choti Sardarni is most viewed Serial and filled with exciting twists. Here we are set to reveal all the upcoming incidents of today’s upcoming episode. Here is the written update f November 2, 2020 episode. In this episode, the story starts with Amrita when she asks Mummy Ji are you all Okey? Why did you say won’t cook? Kulwant tells them that he ordered his food and it will come very soon. Bitu ask him that is this butter chicken. Rana asks about Pizza? A man comes and gives a package to Kulwant.

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Aditi feels weakness and calls her Nurse to give Glucose. Meher has settled all the arrangements and collected things for Pooja. Seema says immediately calls Vickey he will pick us for sure. When Aditi tried to put a call she replied his phone is Off. Seema again replied don’t worry he will come to pick up for sure. When Meher coming and drive on the road she getting worried about them. Kulwant gives jail like roti to Bitu and Rana. A Baba told her if you jail’s roti is in your fate, You should eat it yourself.

We are going to reveal upcoming incidents related to the most important festival of Hindu religion. The Kulwant family prepared to celebrate this festival. Kulwant and Amrita come there. Meher says to Amrita I am glad you came. This time Meher and Karan going to celebrate their first Karwa Chauth. At night Moon appears but hides after a few minutes.

Aditi Does Vikram’s pooja. She does all the rituals with her warming heart in the love of Vikram. Aditi thanks to him for all those care and support by him. She tells ‘I love you Vikram’ and hug him. With spending lots of remarkable moments both praying for their future and to be always happy and together in every situation. The episode telecast on its regular timing and same channel. Never miss future written updates of this amazing entertaining story.


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