It is one of the most-watched and trending serial all the time, there are millions of people who like to watch it, and they enjoy it too, these days there are a lot of fun is going on and drama too, the serial is Choti Sardarni, here we will talk about plenty of things related to it, so keep pace with us and keep reading the article till the end you must have seen the love story of Mehara and Sarabjeet, it is amazing, so let’s get started.

Choti Sardarni 29th October 2020 Written Update (29/10/2020) - Sarabjeet and Mehar heartfelt conversation

Choti Sardarni 29 October 2020 Written Update

As we know in the last episode, we have seen how Manav who is performing as a Vikram, and he is not ready to reveal his identity, because if he says it then Kulwant who is the real culprit behind all the scenes, she is just supposed to be a couch, hence because Kulwant and his sons who were involved in the criminal activity, to go behind the bars, if Kulwant prooves that Manav is alive and he is in the form of Vikram, she will be saved, on the other hand, Maher wants Vikram to investigate more against her family members so that she can get to know who shot her husband.

In the next scene Sarabjeet and Mehar had a heartfelt conversation with each other,  they both have come so closer to each other, and he has been in the love with Mehar deeply, since Vikram who is actually Manav, has come into her life, there are a lot of changes that came in her life too, now Sarabjeet is completely fine and he says is the reason behind his alive, if she were not there with him, he won’t be alive, and in the next scene Kulawant keeps on telling to Sarabjeet that Vikram is Manav but he is hiding all the time, Kulwant is prooving herself right so that she could be saved from going to Jail.

Now the Kulwant is working is very hard and to prove that she is right, she is ready to do anything there are also two more culprits along with her, that are Maher’s brother, let’s see what happens and how Kulwant tries to escape from the punishment that he did, so let’s be pretty patient and watch the upcoming episode on Colors TV and you can also watch it in Voot OTT app, stay with us for more updates.


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