One of the finest shows, which is so popular, and it is getting on the top leaving all the serials being, here we are talking about one of the most famous and all-time favorite shows which name is Choti Sardarni, you might be in the swim what is going on in the episode, where we can see the bonding of Mehar and Sarabjeet, now they are together and appearing as one of the best couples, so let’s move forward and know forward.

Choti Sardarni 20th august

Manav has saved the life of Sarabjeet on the urge of Mehar, it is one of the best scence ever, and when Viktram gets to know her love toward Mehar he becomes so emotinal, nad he remembers all the time and memories that he spent with her, finally he gets ready to donote his blood on and saved the life of Sarabjeet, then she said to him, I would do anything for you whatever you say and i will not forget your favor, then the investigatoin goes the ahead and as per the forensic report there is the finger print of the people and Vilram who is a CBI officer, he went to mehar home and met his brithers, because he knew any one of them is a culprit.

By showing the dead body of Surye Vilram pushed Seema, Kulvant wants to get rid of blame of Sarabkjeet Singh, as per the report she is bieng blamed for shooting the Sarabjeet, then he got injured and admitted in the hospital, Kulawant wants Vikram to accept that he is a Manav, which he is not accepting, he can not see Seema dying becasue he is the last hope of her life. Kulawant does not want to go behind the bars.

In the upcoming episode we will see will Vikram be ready for revealing his real identy, because he has already lost Surya and now he does not want to loss seema, here Manav tries to keep her away from Seema, Kulvant is pretty scared right now so we must enjoy the remaining suspence in the fourtcoming episode, so let’s wait for the next written update, stay stay fit and fine nad connected with us for more updates and intresting written updates.


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