Today, we are going to talk about one of the most prominent daily soups, Choti Sardarni. As all of us know that the story of the show is already very brilliant and engaging millions of watchers to see the upcoming episodes. The episode that will be going to hit tonight will begin with Seher and Rajveer. They both exchanged their rings to complete the engagement ceremony and everyone are very happy after seeing their grand ceremony. Dida is also very happy after seeing that Rajveer will be going to get his love for his entire life. Along with it, the makers also showing very crispy twists that engage millions of people all around the country.

Choti Sardarni 25th August 2021 Written Episode

The twist that will be going to make everyone mad to watch it is Kunal is also there. When Kunal is just about to go inside Nikhil holds him and drags him out. On the other hand, Arunita runs from here to take Kunal’s mind towards her. When Kunal sees Arunita is running then he also goes to her to see what happened.

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Suddenly, Kunal is being dragged inside a vehicle but Arunita comes there and says to come out from the car. When Kunal comes from the car, the car leave from there, and Arunita also leaves to distract Kunal.

But, Kunal holds her, and then Arunita thanks him. Rimple says will they also stand close? Then Mosa Ji says it takes time. In the next scene, viewers can see that Dida telling Rajveer to hold Seher as she is her almost wife now. She further says that this news will be going to print in every newspaper.

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When Rajveer puts his hand on Seher’s shoulder then he also says to her don’t worry but Seher replies that she wishes this was a game but it is not a game.

On the other hand, Karan and Param are also very happy after seeing that Seher is engaged. In the next scene, Rajveer tells Seher that the auction is announced and now the hotel’s owner is Rajveer.

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Seher asks him that he wasted 55 crores for the CCTV Footage but in reply to her, Rajveer says no for Seher’s happiness. He hugs her and says that he couldn’t see her sad face. Seher again hugs him and cries. After that, she recalls how Rajveer always helps her and says he must be an angel for her. So, the full episode of Choti Sardarni will be worth watching and everyone is eager to watch it. The episode will be going to air at 7:30 PM on Colors TV.


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