The latest season of Choti Sardarni on Colors TV will get lots of popularity and love of fans. The lead couple Meher and Sarabjeet got lots of love and appreciation for their character. The story lineup is amazing and many people watch the latest episodes regularly. Recently Meher and Sarabjeet staying with each other and spending time together to know more about their nature. After that Kulwant comes and tells Sarab to take proper care of Meher and Sarab agreed that. Then Meher cuts the cake and shares it with her husband Sarabjeet. Also, Manav stands on another side and drunk alcohol.

Choti Sardarni 20th august

Choti Sardarni become more entertaining

Later on, Manav goes to Aditi and upbraid her for no reason that makes her sad, and then she asks him the reason behind the behavior. After that, Manav said to Surya that he was loyal to his relationship but destiny never favored him. Also, he is sad after seeing Meher and Sabarjeet happily live their life. The turns and twists of the television show Choti Sardarni are really amazing and entertaining. The story lineup of the love triangle is present in a very genuine form of a television show.

The latest episode of the television show Choti Sardarni will come with lots of drama and entertainment. Kulwant put herself in a big danger after Sarabjit condemned her to kill Manav. Also, Vikram Diwan Sikagah does not believe her to witness her innocence. After that Meher and Sarabjit hold hands and leave the place and Rana looks at them. They said that they will not let their mother arrest because the night is long. Also, He does not want to go to jail.

Kulwant comes into big trouble

Also, Jagga picks the point that Sarabjeet wants to arrest Kulwant in the linked with Manav murder case. Sarab warns Meher that he will never leave Kulwant and soon she will be arrested. Kulwant also knew that she was in big trouble and want the next sunrise will come to greet her. In the morning she taking her favor and she decided to take one step back to change the game and keep her identity clear from the case. The latest episode of Choti Sardarni will become more interesting and entertaining. All the fans are waiting for the new episode.


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