“Choti Sardarni” serial one of the hit shows, in today’s show the episode begins with Kulwant said, Jmaai Ji? Sarab goes outside. Kulwant sees the Manav. Mehar stands with Aditi. She said Mehar come with me. I have to talk with you about some important talk. Kulwant said she wants to tells you about the last week. Does Mehar ask what is this? Kulwant said that she has proof is Manav, not Vikaram. Mehar said she knows that. Mehar asks anything else. Kulwant asks still you go him there? Mehar said he is the husband of Aditi and this house is SIL.

Choti Sardarni 19th October Written Episode Latest Update

Kulwant said this a bad time. I am here to finish all these things. Mehar said you all create all this mess. Not don’t create too much drama here. Kulwant said did you know that he does not tell anyone about his truth. Manav said Seema this is your medicine. Take them at a time. Surya said that only your son can take care of you. To see Kulwant Mehar comes there. Kulwant don’t see her son last 25 years. She told  to everyone that Manav is her son. He loves so much his mother. Aditi goes to table.

Aditi said that you miss that tablet. He said thank you. Seema said Surya our kids is too good. They only said to take care of me If this is the only reason that you have to talk, I want to be seek. Manav said this is not by mother. Aditi said yes don’t talk like this. Seema says Orry kids. Aditi says that they said when you Vikaram and me…Vikaram says I don’t have a call then she don’t take the medicine. Bittu and Rana drink bear together. Param comes with a cake.

Harleen said all arrangements and decoration, food, drinks, and complete menu done by our sardar Param. Everyone starts clapping for the Param. Param start catching the everyone attention and start announcing that ladies and gentleman here is the cake of mumma papa. He show the cake. Param comes with a lady and Param can’t able to find his father. The girl is take caring of Param. They said how we play with Param. One man comes and said that  that Masoor is on. Girl start calling the peoples that some one help her and take police station like Mehar did. They took Sarab to police station. For more updating episodes stay connect with us and keep follow ou website.




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