Get ready to watch the fantastic and fabulous episode of Choti Sardarni which will be going to air on 14th July 2021. So, here you will get every single detail that you want to know related to the upcoming episode of Choti Sardarni. If we talk about the upcoming episode then it begins with Param who is giving his interview and he forgets things. After that teacher asks him to call his mother. On the other hand, Sarab says Good Morning and says that he is Param’s dad. After his teacher met his father, then she asks him that where is his mother. Sarab tells her that she is not at home.

Choti Sardarni 13th July 2021 Episode

In the next scene, Param comes to Harleen and asks her what about her interview. Later, Param tells her that teacher wants to talk to both parents. Mama won’t go and Papa comes to meet the teacher. Meher hears it and Teacher says to Sarab that call her when Param’s mother available because she wants to take an interview when his both parents available together. Suddenly, Meher comes and sits next to Sarab. After she sits, she apologizes to the teacher and says that it was urgent but now she is here and ready for an interview.

After they both available to meet the teacher then the interview begins in which the teacher says that Param is a mannered kid. Sarab writes on a paper that please don’t ruin it as it is very important for Param to go to the hostel. The teacher says to both of them that she knows them very well and in the last results Param didn’t get good marks. She further says that his performance is low as per our school criteria. Meher says to the teacher that she can’t judge a kid as per his last single performance.

Sarab apologizes to the teacher for her behavior. But, Meher further says that no one knows her child more than her. She tells the teacher that Param is a very intelligent child and if the teacher gives him the last chance but Sarab says that the teacher saying her test performance was low. Meher says she heard everyone and Param is very intelligent and she shows the drawings that Param made. Meher asks them to focus on her writing and detailing. Now, the further story of Choti Sardarni will be available on the Colors TV at 7:30 PM. So, don’t forget to watch the exceptional television show.


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