“Choti Sardarni” in today’s show the episode starts with Manav said Sarbiya I will tell you everything. Why you don’t tell me again that she is my baby? Tell me? Why you do this with me? Are you forget? I told you to come with me. I told you to stay with me. You tell me to have a child. Do you have an answer? Do have the answer? Why you do this all with me? Meher said because I am a mother. I can’t live without Pram and Karan. I can’t hide anything from you. I will tell you anything and Aditi and about your parents.

Choti Sardarni 19th October Written Episode Latest Update

Manav said my life and my happiness everything is spoil. Now I have the only reason for happiness is Karan. Meher hud Karan. She said did you know about the Sarab health. You said that I have time till Diwali. I have scheduled time. I god wants so Sarab will come back at home on Diwali. He said let them go. Manav said that you can tell your point of you but I will stay in Diwali with my son. I will take him forever. Then Meher goes from there.

Meher calls the Sarab and said that I reach home. I will call you back. Ajay said that where she is madam? Meher replies that she is her dadi place. Where is Param? Ajay said that he starts crying and go to his room and slept. He said that he will not eat the food till now Karan will not come back home. Meher passes her mobile phone for charging. Meher comes into Param’s room but he slept. Meher starts crying and starts missing Param. Meher put the Karan in front of the Param. Karan starts smiling.

He wakes up and sees the Karan. Sunpreet hugs Karan and said where did you go. She kisses Karan. Param said I cried a lot. Then tell then you to Baba Ji to send back my brother again. If you are talking with me like this so I will never talk to you. Param picks the Karan. Meher said don’t worry. Your brother never goes anywhere. He always stays with you. Bittu and Rana suggest to Meher go back and stay with Karan Kukwant said I know she is my sherni. Rana said that problem isn’t solved? For more information keep watching the show on colors and anytime on the voot, and for written updates stay connect with us.


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