Again, the most anticipated television show is on the way with its brand new episode. Yes, the title of the exciting daily soup is Choti Sardarni as everyone knows that the madness among the audience to watch the show is very high. We are here always providing fresh written updates of some prominent daily soups. We know that every fan is just eager to know more information related to the upcoming episode. If you are daily search for the most genuine written update then you just need to bookmark our website to get a fresh update on this topic daily.

Choti Sardarni 2nd August 2021

The upcoming episode of Choti Sardarni begins with Meher and Karan. Karan says that those are amazing guys and then Param also says that they are rich, good-looking, and classy. When Seher is just about to tell something, Karam further says that Veer Ji and he are coming to Canada together. He further says that he will arrange a very grand dinner with those guys. He further says to get ready for everyone. Again, when Seher is going to tell something, Karam says that they are coming. Param tells everyone to get ready and then Karam says that she is feeling shy.

After that, Seher asks Kunal why did he stop her. He says that she has been waiting for them to come together. He further says that she waiting her entire life for this moment and if they come, then don’t ruin it. After that, Seher says that right there will be many classy and rich men would be there and she is thinking to meet them. Kunal says that she will hang with them in Eifel tower and then he runs after Seher and she says she was just joking. he says in anger that doesn’t even joke about it and then Seher apologizes to him.

In the next scene, viewers will see that Rajveer cries and packing his bags. Nikhil asks him that where he is going then he replies that India. Nikhil further asks him about the further hope to be with Seher is over now. Rajveer says Hope, Seher loves him a lot and they have both living with each other for 2 years. He further says that they both are about to get married to each other but Nikhil says that they are not married yet. Nikhil says that there are no one knows what is written in fate. So, the episode that will be going to air tonight will be actually very superb and highly anticipated. Choti Sardarni will be going to give boost the engagement level of the audience. The show airing on Colors TV at 7:30 PM and the ensuing episode will be very interesting and worth watching.


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