“Choti Sardaarni” one of the great daily soap, so in today’s show the episode begins with Kulwant comes outside and pick the gun. She asks to tell me the name of the person. Sarab said that who murdered Jagga? Inspector said that they catch the culprit. Your wife, Mehar killed him. Sarab said you are mad? Mehar loves jagga so much he is her elder brother who takes care of her like his father, so can she kill her own brother.  The Bittu said it is your misconception that Mehar considers him like his father.

Rana takes her favor and tries to make them understand that she gives her life for him. He said it is not a misconception. Then they show a picture of Mehar in which she holds a knife and then she killed Jagga. He said someone sends me the all pictures on their mobile phones. People only saw the two peoples come on the road and no one goes there. Kulwant starts remembering the Jagga and he said that he betrayed her. Kulwant asks who? He sees Mehar coming close to them and said Mehar. Sarab said it’s not possible Mehar love’s jagga she can’t do this thing.


Why she killed her brother? Where is Mehar? I want to go there. Inspector said she is under investigation by the police. Sarab said to Kulwant it is not the truth. Mehar can’t do this, he goes to the police service. The inspector starts questing with every family member, firstly he asks that something happening between Mehar and Jagga? Did they fight with each other? Bittu said yes yesterday they did a big argument. Rana said it was a big fight.  Inspector asks what is the reason for this fight? Ginni replies property the inspector calls the Mehar and asks it is all done because of the properties?

Mehar comes with handcuffs and see the Sarab and give a smile, a lady cob comes and warn them that they have only 10 minutes to meet and talk. Mehar said they all think that I am mad. They all are mad ….they all said that Jagga is dead. How it is possible? I met him. Go and start searching the Jagga. Mehar said that it is h Yuvi’s birthday let’s go and celebrate his birthday. Today sister in law wear the red dress on occasion and we all solve this problem.

Sarab tries to make her understand and said Jagga is no more. He is dead. Someone killed him. Yuvi is crying Kulwant hug her and make her understand. Everyone is in shock. For more updating information stay tuned with us and keep follow our site and stay safe!



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