What does Chobblesome Mean? Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained: The news of a new word has finally come out as the word “Chobblesome” made its entrance. The word is not discovered by a scholar but by a streamer who has been streaming for quite a while and is a renowned streamer. The netizens have been, since then eager to know about the meaning of the word and have started to surf the internet for its meaning. So, we will talk about the meaning of the word “Chobblesome” as well as how the word was discovered. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Chobblesome Mean

How did the word “Chobblesome” come to be?

The origin of the word does not go to the credit of a literature scholar but a Minecraft streamer. The Youtuber is Grian and he has been streaming Minecraft for a long time and has even been on the whitelist server of the game, Hermicraft. He has been its member since July 2018.

The word was discovered in the 14th episode of the 9th season and was aired on June 23, 2022. The Broken Bridge is the name of the show as all the fans of Hermitcraft have been talking about it since the word “Chobblesome” was discovered in that episode only.

It came to be after Iskall had dared Grian to come up with a word that is imaginary and had 3 syllables and then use it with the other hermits. The word gained so much relevance that it turned into an internet slang very quickly. It has even been updated on Urban Dictionary as stated by a Reddit user.

What does Chobblesome Mean?

The meaning of the word as described by the originator is “something that talked about in a positive manner.”

According to the originator, Charles Batchelor, who had coined the word, it is an adjective that is similar to the word “noteworthy” or “remarkable.”

In the episode of The Broken Bridge, Grian has talked about how the base of the word chobblesome was an impulsive discovery. It was also used in the same episode later by Vintage Beef but the usage was quite irrelevant and was wrong in many ways.

Chobblesome Urban Dictionary Meaning

Charles Batchelor known as Grian is a renowned Minecraft streamer and a Youtuber. The video that made him gain fame was the viral video that was titled “5 easy tips to improve your house on Minecraft”, that video went so viral that it gained millions of views from all over.

He is currently 28 years old and had been living in London since his birth. He has more than 7.7 million subscribers on Youtube and has been running his channel since 2009.


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