China’s Space Lab was blasted to the sky during the year 2011, and the translation for the space station is “heavenly palace.” It was expected that the model would be a permanent fixture among the stars and the space laboratory is the first footsteps of the human race in the Cosmos.

Tiangong-1, NASA, china

When the Tiangong-1 which is the China’s Space lab will be crashing to the earth in a superheated trail of plasma and space debris may be an April fool’s Joke.

Scientists have known that the out of control Tiangong-1 will be turning to a man-made meteorite after China lost the control over the space lab. The Space lab stops responding to the Chinese commands during the year 2016 and it was eventual that the lab will be crashing towards earth in a matter of time.

All are concerned about the place where the debris of this lab may fall. In recent months the scientists got a better map of this, and they ask Spain, Portugal, France, and Greece not to worry as a 19,000-pound flying laboratory will get disintegrate over the skies.

Tiangong-1 is spinning at a speed of about 17,500 mph around our atmosphere and taking about 90 minutes to revolve around the planet. The air between the Earth’s atmosphere and Space is thin, and it would slow down the speed of the space lab. When the space lab loses its forward speed, then the gravity will start acting and pull the lab towards itself. The friction which is created by thick air will rip off anything that is out of the side of Tiangong-1 solar panels and antennae.

The space station is built like an onion with layers upon layers of material. The outside material may burn, but there might be some components which will remain safe. According to the nonprofit research firm Aerospace, “some burning space station may be visible and will likely last upto a minute or more, depending on the time of day, visibility, conditions and observer’s location.” They also added by saying there may be some chance of debris hitting someone.


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