The Coronavirus outbreak continues in the country. The number of infected has reached close to 22 thousand. And, with the increasing number of cases, increases the demand of protection supplies and the medical kits. In this situation, the Government of India is active in the fight with Corona. Here, the Ministry of External Affairs of India has shared some important updates about this on Thursday. Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that our mission has signed a contract on behalf of the Indian Council of Medical Research. Under this contract, India is going to buy 5 lakh corona test kits from another South Korean company.

The decision may have been taken when some of the faults were identified in PPE and the test kits. Because, before that, India has also bought five lakh kits from China. At the same time, they bought test kits from a South Korean company too. Though, later in the quality check, it was found that there are some defects in the kits received from China, on which India had said that it will return the poor quality kits back to them. However, most of the flaws were found in PPE kits then. But on 20 April, there was a complaint from Rajasthan that the rapid test kits are showing faulty results. After which the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had advised the state governments not to use it for the next two days in view of complaints of differences in test results.

china testing kit

It is noteworthy that five lakh antibody rapid testing kits have been supplied from two Chinese companies in India. Various states have been provided with this kit to monitor the infection in areas prone to infection of Coronavirus virus. Significantly, the Rajasthan government had informed the ICMR on Tuesday about the inconsistent results from these kits. Disclosing this, Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma said that the rate of accuracy of results of this kit is only 5.4 percent, while the claim was made to be 90 percent, so there is no benefit of using this kit.

Whereas, Andhra Pradesh, which has imported 200,000 rapid testing kits from South Korea, has had no bad things to say up until this point. The state’s medical and wellbeing chief Katamneni Bhaskar said upwards of 10,000 examples were tried utilizing the South Korean kits and so far we have not received any complaints. Haryana has also placed orders for the testing kits to a South Korean Company.


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