After the deadliest virus COVID-19, China has reported the first human case of bird flu train H10N3. China’s National Health Commission has said that, a 41-year-old man of region Jiangsu in China has been infected with the H10N3 strain of bird flu on Tuesday. The man was admitted on 28th April to a hospital in the city of Zhenjiang after he was suffering from a high fever and other symptoms. Doctors confirmed that he was diagnosed with the H10n3 avian influenza virus on 28th May. The details of getting infected with the virus are yet to be disclosed by NHC. The doctors have also said that the condition of that man was

bird flu

stable and he is ready to go home from the hospital. The doctors have also examined the man’s close relatives and confirmed that they didn’t find any person infected with the same virus. They haven’t even noticed the fever in the people. The man was ready to get discharged from the hospital as his condition was stable. The NHC has stated that H10N3 is low contagious, or less severe, the strain of the virus in domesticated birds and the risk of it spreading on a large scale was very low. A laboratory coordinator of the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Disease at the Regional OFficer for Asia

and the Pacific, Filip Claes has said that this is not that common virus as the result can be impactful. They have issued a report where they said that around 160 sets apart of the virus were reported in the 40 years to 2018, and most of them are in wild birds in Asia and some parts of North America. They confirmed that no other region has registered the case of bird flu for the last 2 years. They have also started examining the virus that there could be any harmful side effects on people. They analyzed the data of the virus and resembled the old viruses and mixed the

different viruses. Many different exertions of avian influenza are currently present in China and some intermittently infected people of some regions, especially those who work in domesticated birds. In 2016-2017, a report was issued where a large number of people got tested for bird flu, and no significant symptoms were shown, but around 300 people died due to the H7N9 virus. NHC confirmed that this was the single case of bird flu till the date and no other humans being diagnosed with this virus further. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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