China has been criticised lately for making good bucks by sending substandard rapid antibody test kits all over the world. Now, India’s decision to discard these test kits has created a restlessness in them. The news has it, the central government said that the Chinese firms have sent faulty COVID-19 test kits and since the further orders have been cancelled, the companies will not get paid for those kits. Here, China also alleged that some people are calling China’s test kit ‘defective’ due to their biased thinking. China in its response said that, we hope India will resolve this issue on a fair basis.

The Chinese embassy said they are deeply concerned by the Indian decision and that Chinese authorities had validated the equipment produced by the two firms, Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech and Zhuhai Livzon Diagnostics. The representative Ji Rong said, “It is unfair and irresponsible for certain individuals to label Chinese products as ‘faulty’ and look at issues with pre-emptive prejudice,”

chines kit

“China was trying to help India fight the coronavirus with concrete action and it made sure the quality of its medical exports is a priority with manufacturers”, Ji said. One of the equipment manufacturing firms of China said in a statement that “it stood by the quality of its equipment and it had been validated by the Indian medical research body itself at the time of issuing an import licence.”

But, the results show some other story, the rapid testing kit that India ordered from China has not given the expected results. In such a situation, the Indian Council for Medical Research has asked all the states to return the kits ordered from China. Meanwhile, China’s statement has come out and it has on the contrary accused India of negligence.

Ji also mentioned that the test kits which were prepared by two Chinese companies have been recognized in countries like Europe, Asia and Latin America. Earlier China had said that kits are completely fine, but health workers in India do not know how to use them. Chinese companies said that these kits are being sent all over the world. The companies said, they should go through properly the user manual before using them.

Earlier this month, about five lakh rapid antibody test kits were purchased by the government from two Chinese firms and after being distributed nationwide, the ICMR recommended that every resident or large number of cases of coronavirus hotspots areas will be tested. However, ICMR prohibited the use of the kit after finding the defect in those test kits. According to experts of infectious diseases in India, Chinese companies hurriedly launched kits that were not tested before use.


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