The episode starts with Yuvi makes a video call to Param. Then Param tells him that Meher and Jagga had a fight. Mehar is crying by recalling the incident. Harleen complained to Sarab that he brought Kulwant into their house. She feels embarrassed because of Kulwant and her son. Sarab makes her understand that anything happens in life but we cannot leave our family. Kulwant brings Jagga into the house. Jeeto says that from now onwards see is their reed. She takes off her species and says that I know each of you and I have seen everything.

Chhoti Sardarni 2021

Ginni says that we all were praying for you and we haven’t eaten anything. Jagga gets angry and goes to his room. Sarab sees that Meher is crying and says that Veer loves me the most. He is a very kind person. She says that I shouted at him even when he was right. I made a huge mistake and disappointed him. Sarab consoles her and says that you have reacted to the situation. When Jagga will be relaxed, he will realize everything and will come back to you. Jagga is waiting for Meher’s message and looking at his phone again and again.

Kulwant sees that he was sitting near her bed. She asked him haven’t you sleep the whole night. He says that her feet are heaven for him and she is more than God. Kulwant gets emotional and says that Meher is absolutely wrong. You are her father and she cannot argue with you. Jagga says that Meher hasn’t done anything wrong. She is innocent and always thinks good about me. Meher’sphone rings and she think that it is Jagga. But she comes to know that this is a promotion call.

She gets upset again. Sarab says that he will definitely call you, just have some patience. Mehar says he never got upset for a long time. Yuvi and Amrita come home and everyone wishes him, Happy Birthday. Jagga apologizes to Amrita and says I would have done that before. I missed you so much but I couldn’t make a call, please forgive me. Jagga takes a promise that he will not leave her again. Param makes a video call to Yuvi in front of Meher so that Jagga can see Meher over the video call.

param says Mehar Mamma, I Love You. Mehe and Sarab see each other and then Jagga disconnected the call. Meher goes to her room and Param asks her why she didn’t talk to Jagga Mama. He says that these fights are common in every family. I also fight with my elder brother but I never disrespect him. He says that family is our only strength. Meher has bought a gift for Yuvi. Sarab insists her to go to Yuvi’s birthday as he will be delighted to see her.

Meher says she will go when Jagga will invite her. Then Meher receives a text from Jagga that we are planning a surprise party for Yuvi, so meet me behind the bus stop. Then Jagga receives the same text from Meher. Amrita asks Jagga, where are you going. He says that Meher has called him to meet at the bus stop. Meher says all this to Sarab. Sarab says that I have already told you that Jagga will call you and everything will be fine. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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