ULLU streaming platform is known for its amazing release on the Internet. Fans are getting excited to watch every single web series of the platforms and it will be interesting to watch that the streaming platform is coming back with another web series once again. It will be interesting to watch that new web series on the platform.

chhal ullu web series

The last one was Robot 2 that was released on the platforms and once again, the streaming platform is back with another web series named Chhal (Games of Karma). Yes, the upcoming series is a part of the Game of Karma franchise and maybe, the fans will also love this series after knowing the trailer.

Robot Ullu Web Series Episode Review, Streaming Online, Full Star Cast, Actress Real Name, Images

Well, let us tell you that the makers have released the trailer of this upcoming web series and maybe, the watchers should wait for the upcoming story as it will be amazing. After watching the trailer, it is a little bit confused and many people are not understanding that what is actually happening in the story.

Well, we have every single piece of information of the upcoming web series and fans are excited to watch this web series. Here is some important information about the upcoming web series.

Chhal (Games of Karma) ULLU Web Series

The story of the upcoming series starts with a girl who came to the beauty parlor. The owner of the parlous helps some people to kidnap her and when she opens her eyes, she found herself in a hermitage. She is scared and runs but every one of the hermitages says that this is not 2020 as she is living in 2035.

She doesn’t want to believe that this is 2035 and because of this, she faces many things and is even, molested in the hermitage by others. What will happen next? It will be interesting to watch.

Chhal (Games of Karma) ULLU Web Series: Cast

Well, the series is back with some old characters but a new face can be easily found in the upcoming web series. As per the sources, an actress named Supriya is going to play a lead role in the series. Many more characters are playing a lead role but still, we can’t find the exact information here. All the names will be announced after the official release.

Chhal (Games of Karma) Ullu Episode Review

After the official trailer release, the fans are waiting to watch this upcoming web series, and let us tell you that the makers have announced the release date and watchers will not have to wait a lot because it will be released on January 4, 2022 and everyone can watch this series on ULLU streaming platform. So, let’s wait for the official releasing.


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