Everyone knows that Tamil Nadu is a very genuine and outstanding state where many huge businesses and manufacture hubs are running on a very huge platform. Now, Tamil Nadu also considered the biggest hub of manufacturing Apple products for the global market. The state cabinet, which took place on Friday evening, approved 34 industrial projects with an investment of Rs 52,257 crore, including component manufacturers for Apple such as Tata Electronics, Pegatron Corporation, Taiwan, and LuxShare of Taiwan.

Apple Manufacture

The best part of such a huge investigation is that it will generate employment for around 94,000 people in Tamil Nadu. The motive to increase the Apple Production in India is to remove all the production from China and boost the manufacturing in Vietnam and India. Now, India has the opportunity to become the biggest Hub of Apple Manufacturing in Asia. Apple making the issue much huge in which America and China fought in the lockdown due to spreading COVID-19 across the world.

Let us tell you that, the Cabinet meeting approved a new industrial policy for Tamil Nadu. In the new project, Tata Electronics also investing Rs. 5,763 crore to generating 18,250 jobs in Krishnagiri district for mobile phone component making. Many companies investigating much amount that providing many jobs to the unemployed people in Tamil Nadu. After the project takes place then Tamil Nadu has full of jobs and it will also become the biggest Manufacturing Hub for Apple Products.

On the other side, Vietnam will manufacture Homepod Mini, Ipad, Apple Smart Speakers, and other products. The whole information indicates that Apple finally decided to cut-out all the manufacturing plants from China. It may be happened due to a lack of privacy by China and other actions like COVID-19. Now, if we talk about the price of Apple Products so, it will remain almost the same and for Indians, the product may be small cheaper than before. The production hub will also help India to increase the job opportunities in the IT (Information Technology) Sector. Another good news is upcoming iPhone models maybe manufacture in India which is now the biggest hub of Apple iPhone Production. So, if you want to know more interesting and fabulous details then stay tuned with us.


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