The Chennai Talks anchor arrested by Chennai Police due to asking a question to Young women let see what is the reason behind the report. As we know when the new year is come everyone asking their loved ones and friend about the preceding year. People are curious to know about the incidents you have encountered in the previous year and was it good or bad for you. Same in that sense, A Chennai based Youtube channel Chennai Talks was taking an interview of random peoples. When they approaching various people they interviewed a Young woman in the Besant Nagar beach area about how 2020 went.asking obscene questions to young women

A woman Lakshmi from Besant Nagar filed a complaint against the Crew of the Chennai Talk Youtube channel. She told police that they were asking obscene questions. Shastri Nagar police registered the complaint and investigating the case deeply.

After registered the complaint to proceeding the further investigation police arrested 23-year-old Asen Patsha, The anchor of Chennai Talks Youtube channel, Ajay Babu, 24, cameraman, and Dinesh Kumar, owner of the channel, for allegedly obscenely talking to the woman. Currently, the case has been reported to the Cyber Crime Police.

The whole crew of Chennai Talks has charged under four sections of the Prevention of Violence Against Women Act, including engaging in immoral acts against women. Meanwhile, Most of the Youtube channels questioning the audience as a public reaction because those types of videos getting viral in minimum time.

Due to high chances of getting viral, they asked some Obscene questions also to make it engaging for their audience and people who seems this type of content funny, They share it to their friend also.  Many have consistently accused some question reaction on a particular topic. of being substandard to be viral. The arrest has caused a great stir.

Due to the violation of rules Police filed the case under the sections including the Information Technology Act for speaking obscenely to women. The complaint against the ‘Chennai Talks’ team getting big. Currently, According to the police, with their help, they are planning to delete the videos uploaded on the Chennai Talks YouTube channel.



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