OnePlus is going to release the new update OxygenOS. Till now, OnePlus 7 Pro has started receiving the new update 9.5.8. However, the update is not available on all the devices, it will reach everyone in a few days. The new update introduces optimized touch sensitivity, May Android Security patch, and improved audio quality in phone calls. The company revealed the features of OxygenOS update and shared the feedback of users’ requests. Moreover, the list provided by Google listed OnePlus to be one of the smartphones which will support ARCore.

The new update also brings in the over-the-air to OnePlus 7 pro. According to the company’s channel log, it brings optimized touch sensitivity to the devices. Apart from general bug fixes and improvements, it also introduces some improvements to the compatibility for third-party Type-C headphones. The new update has May Android Security patch and it improves the audio quality of phone calls in the devices. It also fixes the issue of pop-up camera opening for an incoming video call even when the screen is off or locked.

The size of OxygenOS 9.5.8 is 109MB. The company also shared the list of features one can expect with the new update OxygenOS after the users’ request for the same list of features. According to the confirmed sources, it will provide support to the video recording using OnePlus 7 Pro’s ultra-wide-camera. Also, one would be able to see more apps when accessing the recent apps menu. It also supports charging sound effects and one can easily block the messages by specific keyword and also the calls.

Moreover, the company is working on some more features such as support for adaptive icons in OxygenOS and ability to customize the duration of Zen Mode. However, it cannot be said as to when these features will roll out in the same update.


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