The place to put your Tooth Brush at”, has never been a question of fact for most of us. People mostly put their Tooth Brushes on the top of the washbasin or under the medicinal Box. But one must need to take care of the germs that prevail inside the washroom, which when inserted inside the mouth through toothbrush while brushing, leads to several health problems. When you keep your Tooth Brush in the washroom, it gives rise to the breeding of several germs over it.

While talking about the hygienic place to keep your Toothbrush at, washroom should never come into the list, because that is the only place with millions of bacterias in the House. Though bacterias and germs are present in thousands of numbers in the air and there is no place which is left untouched with the same. Still, keeping it in the washroom is not recommendable at all as there are several kinds of germs in the Toilet like Toilet plume. Toilet plume are referred to as aerosolized cloud of microscopic particles, which spread in the air when you flush the toilet.

There is no specific reach area as to where these Toilet plumes can reach, but keeping the toothbrush near the toilet seat will increase the chances of their reach for sure. There is no specific dangerous disease associated with the same, but it can lead to food poisoning.

So, where should one keep the Tooth Brush? Try to keep it at a place where it can become dry between uses. This is the reason it is not even recommended to keep the Toothbrush in a medicinal box because it will not provide a humid place to let it dry. The wet particles give rise to several kinds of Bacterias and germs, hence, it is advised to keep the same at a dry and humid place


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