With the end of the first lockdown in India the total tally stands at more than 10000 cases with 340 deaths along. The most affected areas being Mumbai, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Even though the numbers are outgrown, several medical experts feel that if this sudden lockdown would not have been imposed in the country the situation could reach out of the hands.

Several CM of the states turned to the PM for the continuation of the lockdown as the virus was being spread to a large extent and even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a further extension of the nationwide lockdown, many had their states like Odisha, Punjab, Maharashtra and Telangana already declared their extended individual lockdowns. The decision to put the country on further was in the consideration and on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally announced the expansion of the countrywide lockdown for 19 extra days till May 3 to contain the spread of the pandemic in the country. in the interim, the MHA has given another new set of guidelines for the extended nation lockdown.

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With each passing day, Coronavirus cases in the country are on the rapid rise, showing no sign of abating. A look at the historical figures points to the fact that the cases have more than doubled in India in the past week. The intensity is such that, where it took the nation 70 days to report its initial 5,000 cases, the following 5,000 have come in only six days, showing an ascent in the multiplying pace of the contamination.

With India entering the second phase of nationwide lockdown that is planned to stretch till 3 May, 2020, the total number of novel coronavirus cases in the country rose to 11,933 after 1,118 fresh cases were reported in the last 24 hours, according to the Union Health Ministry data. The death toll also increased to 392. On Worldwide level, 128,056 people have died from Covid-19 and confirmed cases have reached to 2,017,939.


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