The UEFA Women Champions League is not going to leave to entertain the fans because the league is releasing some back-to-back matches to the fans in the ongoing days and it will be interesting to watch every single match because this is a women football league that show some extraordinary powers of the women.


Most of the fans love to watch these amazing matches because of the team and their players. Well tonight, team Chelsea (CHE-W) and team Servette (SVT-W) will face off each other on the football ground. There will be lots of matches tonight under this league and you can also choose this league to entertain yourself.

If you are eagerly waiting to know about the match so, you can read out this article to get more details here. Most of the matches have shown some excellent skills of the players and tonight, maybe, something similar is also going to appear on the football ground which is a strength of the women.

The league is also popular for the amazing gameplay of the women and now, we are going to see this on the football ground. Maybe, the fans should go to the arena to watch the live match and support their favorite team.

CHE-W vs SVT-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Chelsea (CHE-W) vs Servette (SVT-W)
  • League:- UEFA Women Champions League
  • Venue:- Kingsmeadow, England
  • Date:- Friday, November 19, 2021
  • Time:- 01:30 AM IST

CHE-W vs SVT-W: Team Squad

Chelsea (CHE-W):- Ann-Katrin Berger, Niamh Charles, Sophie Ingle, Bethany England, Aniek Nouwen, Lauren James, Jorja Fox, Zecira Musovic, Millie Bright, Jess Carter, Drew Spence, Francesca Kirby, Sam Kerr, Magdalena Eriksson, Erin Cuthbert, Melanie Leupolz, Maren Mjelde, Carly Telford, Jonna Andersson, Guro Reiten, Jessie Fleming, Ji So-Yun, and Pernille Harder.

Servette (SVT-W):- Elodie Nakkach, Leonie Fleury, Jade Sayo, Natalia Padilla-Bidas, Laura Felber, Monica Mendes, Sandy Maendly, Mirela Jakupi, Laura Droz, Thais Hurni, Nathalia Spalti, Amandine Soulard, Tessa Tamplin, Paula Serrano, Marta Peiro, Daina Bourma, Ilona Guede Redondo, Ines Pereira, Laura Tufo,Alyssa Lagonia, Fanny Keizer, Gabriela Cutura, Maeva Muino, Ines Sebayang, Tatiana Dumauthioz, and Alyssa Grivaz.

CHE-W vs SVT-W: Lineups Player

Chelsea (CHE-W):- Musovic, Leupolz, Spence, Reiten, Kirby, Fleming, Kerr, Bright, Carter, Eriksson, and Cuthbert.

Servette (SVT-W):- Padilla, Lagonia, Jade, Hurni, Spalti, Fleury, Tufo, Pereira, Soulard, Nakkach, and Maendly.

CHE-W vs SVT-W: Match Prediction

Both teams have played good matches in the last few matches and they made their space in Group A. As per their performance in the last few matches, they have been supported by many fans and now, they want to know that among both of them, which team has more chances to win this match.

As per the sources, both teams are opposite and team CHE-W performed well more than team SVT-W so, the experts believe that team CHE-W has more chances to win this upcoming match.


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