A very famous and prominent Pakistani Television Series named Champions with Waqar Zaka. Now, the reality show going to end this season and very soon giving its Grand Finale to choosing the winner of the show. Normally the show containing a very huge fanbase and the highest TRP in Pakistan. It is a Pakistani youth-based reality show airs on BOL Network. The host of the show is very popular personality named Wakar Zaka. The show is very famous in Pakistan and many people regularly watch it to take entertainment. All the episodes of the show are regularly entertaining lots of people.

Champions With Waqar Zaka Winner Name 2020 Grand Finale Runner Up Prize Money Who Won

The show premiere on 4th November 2019 and taking a huge round of applause from the beginning. The based on reality show and the host give some task to the contestants who want to participate in the show. The show is going to announces its winner and all the fans are eager to know the name of the title winner of the show. The entire Pakistan youth is watching the show and giving much love and appreciation. Champions with Wakar Zaka considered as the highest TRP containing show that take a very huge popularity from the beginning. The show also airing on online platform where also the show getting lots of love and colossal fanbase.

It is the only show that comes in a very high limelight with its first season. Normally, any television show come in the popularity with second season or more but it is the only series in Pakistan that gained much miraculous support from the first season. Now, the show will giving its first trophy to the first winner. The telecaasting time of Champions with Wakar Zaka is 10 PM on BOL Network. All the fans enjoy the show at 10 PM and tonight the Grand Night of the show will be more entertaining and amazing because of Grand Finale.

The show named Champions with Wakar Zaka is a Pakistani customization of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss. The host of the show is Wakar Zaka who used mixed format which includes open audition for contestant selection. After that, the show turns the style same like Big Brother style surveillance house. The contestant have to play tasks and give their performance to maintaining their presence in the house. After some time, elimination round gives a very high suspense to the contestants as well as audience who watching the show.

Champions With Waqar Zaka Winner Name 2020 Grand Finale Runner Up Prize Money Who Won

The host Wakar Zaka seems many time as saying that the competition has no specific format. The show starts with 15 contestants in which all 12 contestants evicted and 1 contestant walked out. The last two contestants of the show named Aamir Siyal and Muhammad Bilal are competition with each other in the finals. Both the contestants got huge limelight and most eminent contestant because of Champions with Wakar Zaka. Tonight on 8th December 2020, the show will announcing its first winner and the competition of this season will be end up the winner of the show. All the fans are eagerly waiting to know the champion.

Champions with Wakar Zaka containing a very huge TRP on the episode of 17th February 2020 and the show comes in the limelight because of this episode. On this episode the show peaked at a near 15 million live viewers which give a title to the show as one of the most watched television telecast in Pakistan. In the Youtube channel the live telecast of the show received over 2 million viewers in 24-hour and comes in the trending chart on Youtube in Pakistan. The selection of contestant never based on partiality because all the contestant can join the show whatever they have done in their previous life.

A very famous incident during the audition round was held that a contestant named Rabail Sheikh who is an aspiring model from profession but allegedly substance abuse and suffered from Intermittent Explosive Disorder. She was selected in the show because she attempted to expose a cricketer through give a threat to leak an oaf video as leverage. After she giving threats to leak video then the makers had to select her without any pysh test and determine that if she fit to join the contest then she can. Many contestants are also selected in the show who suffering from some disorders and diseases but were part of the show.

Now, the show will going to touch its peak in the upcoming Champions with Wakar Zaka Grand Finale. All the fans who regularly watching the show are waiting for the Grand episode or the last episode of the show. The two finalist of the show are also eager to know the title winner. Let, predict the winner. The performance of the contestants in the entire season define that Amir Siyal will be the Trophy-picker of the title. But, it is just an assumption. To get all the details about the Grand Finale you need to watch the upcoming episode of Champions with Wakar Zaka. The timing of the show is 10 PM. So, the winner will announce in our website also. If you miss to watch the episode then keep in touch with us. We will give you the entire detail that happened in the upcoming grand episode.


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