Was Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested?: The speculations of the Chief Executive Officer of Celsius, Alex Mashinksy being arrested, are rapidly spreading on the internet, but the officials and the authorities have not made any kind of confirmation yet. According to the speculations, Alex Mashinksy was apprehended by the FBI at the Morristown Airport, New Jersey for the questioning related to some unknown investigation. The sources claim, that he was trying to leave the United States, but Alex Mashinksy was detained by the authorities. Sources are not able to confirm whether Alex Mashinksy got arrested or was just stopped to go out of the country. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Was Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested?

There are also reports that Goldman Sachs may buy Celsius, but if it is true then it may be possible that the officials must have arrested Alex Mashinksy, as he had already mentioned through one of his tweets that the company Celsius is going through a very tough phase. On 15th June, Alex Mashinksy informed about the tough phase of the company through his tweeter post, since then he has not been much active on social media.

In the year 2019, the former Chief Financial Officer of Celsius, Yaron Shalem is one of those people who were arrested for allegedly being involved in the cryptocurrency fraud scheme, and his case is still going on in trials. According to the sources, the company Celsius is looking for some advisers. Whereas Goldman Sachs is in search of those investors who will be committing to invest $2 billion.

Was Alex Mashinsky Arrested

Alex Mashinksy was born on the 5th of October in 1965. He was born in Ukraine, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Alex Mashinksy was grown by his parents in Israel. He has always been so creative since his childhood. Alex Mashinksy had also served himself in the Israeli Army, but by the end of 1980, he moved to the United States of America for starting his company. He got married to Krissy Mashinsky, with whom he has 6 children, and lives in New York City with his family.

Alex Mashinksy founded Arbinet in 1996. Arbinet is a group of companies that works on the product import and export telecommunication, the project covers the unused distances. The first-ever company to provide telecommunications switches is VoiceSmart which is one of the companies of Alex Mashinksy.

Alex Mashinksy is the entrepreneur of several companies, and most of his companies are in the United States of America such as GroundLine, Q-Wireless which later became a part of Transit Wireless, and Novatel. He is also considered to have more than 50 properties, and all of the, are legal.


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