WATCH: Ceaser Emanuel Dog Video Shows Ceaser Beating His Dog: Today we are going to talk about the member of the Black Ink Crew that has been fired recently. The member is Caesar Emmanuel. There was a video that had surfaced in which he could be seen abusing a dog and treating him very poorly. This made the crew decide to fire him from the crew for his inappropriate actions. Follow More Updates On

Cesar Emmanuel

Ceaser Emanuel Dog Video

The VH1 Black Ink Crew is a well-known group of musicians and has been loved by the fans and is respected as well. But, one of its members that is Caesar Emmanuel has been receiving a lot of criticism for what he did in the video and it was so extreme that even the crew decided to break ties with him in New York.

It is being said that this will not affect the production of the next season in any way even though the current one is about to reach an end. They were pretty clear that this type of behavior is intolerable and inexcusable and the star got what he deserved for it.

There were similar sources that said were saying that the production is being wrapped up but the show will stay open so that the situation on the show can be managed and make it work as it used to.

Ceaser Emanuel Beating Dog Video

Even the producers were shocked to see that viral video of the star Caesar. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the video and had to immediately take action on the incident.

This video got the fans of the crew and many animal lovers riled up and they were really furious with the star who has been seen beating up a dog so bad that it got him scared and badly injured. It was really sickening to the stomach to watch such a video.

Such kind of behavior is not what you’d expect from a celebrity that is looked up to by the people and can influence many others as well.

Another star from the crew, Donna Lombardi said, “I didn’t even get into this person’s life, but this video has me very upset.” You can see that even if they didn’t know him very much they couldn’t stand seeing him abusing a dog. That was really horrible and you don’t really expect the influencing personalities in that way.

The network had removed him permanently and said, “I didn’t even get into this person’s life, but this video has me very upset.”

Caesar was a part of the show ever since 2013 and the show was about to run its tenth season.


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