29 years old woman Saina has been shot by her husband Waseem in Delhi on 27th April. Saina was 8-month pregnant an alleged drug dealer operating in Delhi. This incident happened at moring 10:30 in Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin Area and has been captured on CCTV camera. The footage shows that Waseem continuously fired the shots at Saina, and Waseem also shot the one who tried to help Saina. Police immediately reached the place and called the ambulance, but due to a dozen shots, she died at the spot. Then they admitted another victim to the hospital who came to protect her. Waseem was the fourth husband of Saina whom she married a year ago. She has also gone to jail for the supply of drugs in the area.

death reason

She was pregnant when the Police arrested her and a week ago Police released her on bail on the ground as she was eight months pregnant with twins. Sains’s third husband was a drug dealer named Sharafat Shaikh, who is besides a “drug lord” in Delhi-NCR. Shaikh also arrested by the constabulary nether the NDPS Act for his alleged involvement in drugs. When Saina was in jail. Waseem started an extramarital affair with her sister Rihana and wanted to marry her too. Due to this Saina often fight with Waseem and he warns her to divorce if she wouldn’t accept her sister as his second wife. But Waseem purchases pistols and plans to kill Saina to marry her sister.

He reaches Saina’s house and started firing her, when Saina’s victim came to the rescue, he shot him as well. Saina was dead by the time police reached the place and they called the ambulance to admit her servant who was also majorly injured. The whole scenario has been captured in the CCTV camera where Waseem can be seen firing many shots on Saina. He reached the police station and surrender himself for the crime. The police have found that previously Waseem was not involved in the drug

business of Saina and he has no criminal record registered in his name, they require the investigation from Saina’s sister Rehana if she is the mastermind behind the murder. They have doubts if someone from the drug industry used Waseem to murder Saina so they can hide the information about drugs. After the grounded bail, Saina was not involved in any drug deal and she didn’t meet anyone outside for any drug deal. The police are still investigating the case and they have started inspection from Rehana. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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