A big piece of information for all the students who appeared in 9th and 11th classes from the side of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The news is all the schools across the country will be reopened in phases to conduct in-person annual examinations for classes of 9 and 11. The direction issued by the CBSE on Thursday and all the students have to advised to check the official website to get more details related to the notifications issued by the CBSE. Another notification for all the schools issued by CBSE in which they advised to start the next academic session by April 1.

Class 9 and 11 examinations

The CBSE Controller of Examinations Sanyam Bhardwaj said that “For classes 9 and 11, schools should take steps to identify and remedy learning gaps and thereafter conduct examinations by strictly following Covid-19 protocols as per examination by-laws”. The CBSE issued the notification in which the board finally announced to start the new season with complete COVID-19 protocols across the country. Many students are want to know more details related to the notifications, so, you just need to visit the official website of CBSE to get the entire knowledge. The schools are closed for a very long time and now CBSE gives the order to reopen the schools for the next session.

Delhi also allowed the schools to call back all the students who are waiting for the news of the reopening of schools. Several states already open many schools in November 2020 as the experiment in which only 10 and 12 classes were invited to the schools. Now, the CBSE finally ready to reopen schools for 9th and 11th classes. But, also any updates related to the 8th class have not been revealed yet. Many students are waiting to know more information related to the notifications issued by CBSE.

In the notification, CBSE also said “We request parents to understand that only offline examinations in classes 9 and 11 will prepare students for the board classes next year and for competitive exams”. Apart from this, the officials also said “Our mid-term exams themselves will continue till mid-April and then we will have to conduct final exams. How is it possible to start the new session by April 1?” So, if you want to know more details related to the educational topics then here we will update all the details for all the students who regularly searching for the news. We also advised you to check the official website of CBSE to check the actual notification on the website.


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