In today’s dream 11 Prediction we will discuss the most prominent team Xinjiang Flying Tigers opposite the team Shenzhen Aviators in CBA League 2020-21. The match will take place on 2nd March at Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre, China. Let’s take a look at the team’s performance from the last few games. The team SA has played a total of 35 games in the season where they have won 18 games and lost 17 games. On another hand, the team XFT has managed to win 28 games out of 39 games in the season. The team has lost 11 games so far. There is less probability of team XFT to lose over team SA. The team XFT has maintained consistency in the season to win these games. let’s see who will win this match in CBA League.

CBA League 2021

SA vs XFT Live Score

Match: SA vs XFT Live CBA League 2020-21
Date: 2nd March 2021
Time: 05:05 PM
Venue: Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre, China

Rong Zifeng, Xiang Meng, Zijie Shen, Yu Liang, Yang Linyi, Askia Booker, Kenny Boynton, Yasong Chang, Baishi Chen, Chunquing Liu, Zhong Mian He, Pengyu Lu, Tursun Mardan, Quan Gu, Bai Haotian, Xining He, Guo Xiaopeng, Lu Yiwen, Yimimg Zhao

Lipeng Liu, Wang Zhengbo, Abdudurexiti Abusushalamu, Yu Dehao, Refukati Jiang, Lipeng Liu, Lutubula, Donatas Motiejunas, Lin Qi, Zhon Qi, Zhu Chuany, Xierzhati saimati, Caiyu Tang, Aizimaiti Tuxun, Xiaoyi Wang, Yongsheng Wu, Liang Yingqi

The team SA will face off against the team XFT in CBA League 2020-21. The team SA has played their last match against the team Beijing Royal Fighters on 6th February where the team Beijing set a target of 114 points that team SA failed to chase and lost by 8 points. Prior to this, the team has played with the team Jilin Northeast Tigers on 4th February and lost the match with 10 points. The team is at 4th position in league ranking. Let’s see whether they will win or lose this match.

On the other side, the team XFT has played its last match with team Zhejiang Golden Bulls on 6th February and win this match with 6 points. Prior to this, the team played against the team Beijing Ducks on 3rd February. The team XFT scored 106 goals and the opponent team stuck at 88 points. So the team continuously won two matches and currently at the second position in the league ranking. There are maximum chances of team XFT to win this match against the team SA. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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