Obesity in Boys, Depression in Boys, Obesity is linked with depression

Study Shows That Obesity Is Linked With Depression In Boys And Not In Girls

Weight Management and controlling health is one of the most discussed topics among youngster nowadays. A new study shows that obesity is linked with...
international men week, diet for men, healthy diet for men

International Men’s Week: Recommended Diet for Men

Whether you are a woman or man, maintaining your body and keeping it healthy is important for everyone. International men's week is celebrated every...
prevention from Type 1 Diabetes, drug for diabetes, drug for diabetes type 1

A New Drug Will Delay Type-1 Diabetes By 2 Years

A new study, published online in The New England Journal of Medicine, confirmed a treatment to be effective for Type-1 Diabetes, which can reduce the...
sleeping in light, sleeping with lights on, sleeping in light results in over weight, over weight due to lights on while sleeping, over weight in women, obesity in women

Sleeping In Artificial Light Results In Over-Weight In Women

Most of us have a habit of sleeping while turning the Lights on. Some people turn a small light on, turn their Televisions on,...
Night Owl, Night owl to retrain their body clock, sleeping times, balanced sleep for mental health

Study Says That Night Owls Can Retrain Their Body Clock To Maintain Their Mental...

People are becoming more addicted to sleeping late and hence wake up late in the morning. Most of the people have made this habit...
Sleep in teens, food items for children, food for better sleep in kids, best food items for kids

Adding These Food Items Into Diet May Help Teens To Sleep Better

Getting enough sleep is required to everyone, whether it’s an adult or teenager. Teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night...
Allergies, AGEs, Advanced Glycation end, Junk Food, Health, Allergies in Children, Health disease, Food, Food Allergies

Junk Food Is Responsible For Food Allergies In Children

How Is Junk food affecting children these days?  The study shows that high levels of advanced glycation end-products (AGE's) are associated with food allergies...
Expert advice on Energy drinks, energy rink bad for health, Energy drink consumption

Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Energy Drinks

Most of the people have a habit of sipping on energy drinks to boost up their mind and energy level during work and normal...
Toothbrush, Toothbrush place, Toothbrush ideal place, Toothbrush hygienic place in home, where should i keep my toothbrush

Check Out The Correct Way To Keep Your Teeth Brush

The place to put your Tooth Brush at", has never been a question of fact for most of us. People mostly put their Tooth...
Low socio-economic status, Childhood, Mental health due to low socio-economic status

Study Shows That Low Socio-Economic Status In Childhood Leads To Mental Health Issues In...

Researchers suggest that living under adverse conditions during childhood develop the risk of mental health such as depression, anxiety and other disorders in the...

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