Obesity in Boys, Depression in Boys, Obesity is linked with depression

Study Shows That Obesity Is Linked With Depression In Boys And Not In Girls

Weight Management and controlling health is one of the most discussed topics among youngster nowadays. A new study shows that obesity is linked with...
FODMAP, Diet, Nutrition

All About Low FODMAP Diet

You will be wondering that what actually FODMAP is. Do not worry in this article we are covering everything related to FODMAP. It is...
Navratri diet, lose weight, health

Fasting during Navratri will help lose weight

In India, Navratri is celebrated with a lot of grandeur. People visit their friends and relatives and sweets and dishes are exchanged. Those nine...
Blocking posterior vagal nerve, health

Blocking posterior vagal trunk nerve can help people to reduce weight: study says

Everyone has been trying to lose weight, and they spend lots of money in different surgeries. Well, the new findings will be very helpful...

3 Basic Stretching exercise to improve flexibility

Everyone wants a fit and fine body without doing exercise. So, is it possible to get fit and fine body without doing exercise? After...
Gene Therapy that causes reduction in, post-infarction arrhythmias

Gene Therapy that causes reduction in post-infarction arrhythmias

We are now more aware of the diseases and an improvement have been seen in people regarding taking care of their heart and preventing...
Transgender category, Sexual health Condition, World health Organisation

Transgender Categorised Under Sexual Health Conditions By WHO

After redirecting the guidelines of the World Health Organization on 25th May 2019, WHO also recategorized the Transgender community under "sexual health condition". The...
High calaories, High-calorie diet, brain health, effect of high calorie diet on brain

Study Shows That High-Calorie Diet Affects Brain Health

On Thursday, a new Australian study shows that high-calorie intake can affect the brain health of the person. In today's world, most of the...
Vegetarian diet, vegetarian sources of protein, protein diet

Vegetarians Can Add These Options To Get Protein Rich Diet

A diet which is rich in all the nutrient elements including iron, calcium, vitamins, fibre, and protein and other elements, is one people are...
TB, Tuberculosis, kashmir

10,000 cases of TB is detected in Kashmir

The infectious disease of tuberculosis or TB is continuing to be a major health problem with over 10,322 cases detected in 2017. The State Tuberculosis...

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