AIIMS, Virtual Bronchoscopy Navigation, VBN, Cancer

AIIMS is now equipped with country’s first Virtual Bronchoscopy Navigation(VBN)

India’s profound government-funded hospital AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) is now equipped with Virtual Bronchoscopy Navigation (VBN), the machine is known for...
weight loss, karela, bitter gourd

Karela or Bitter Gourd: A Magical Thing To Lose Weight

We all know that Karela is the best vegetable we have got in the market and this is the most nutritious vegetable among all...

Smoking is the Perfect way to Commit Suicide Without Actually Dying.

It is always required to create more and more awareness among people about the harmful effects of smoking. Despite owning all the bad effects,...
Healthy weight, MI, less heart diseases

Maintaining healthy weight reduces risk of heart disease

If you think being overweight or obese has not caused you any heart conditions or diseases yet, you need to give it a thought...
naagin 3 , written episode, naagin spoilers, naagin 3 news

Naagin 3 new twist: Written episode updates of 16 June 2018

Naagin 3 is really getting fame after the show is live. Anita hassandani who is the serial actor of Yeh hai mohabbatein as Shagun....

Ayurvedic Herbs to add magic in your health

We are so busy in our lives that we never get time to maintain our health. Fast and easy to make food has overtook...

Monitor your BP using Smartphones with the help of New App

Scientists including those of Indian origin developed a new app. This app helps you to measure your blood pressure accurately with the help of...
kidney transplant

TAKE-IT intervention can help young kidney transplant patients to maintain their treatment

It has seen that little mistake in immunosuppressive therapy in young kidney-graft patients can develop serious issues. In fact, for this age group, low-adherence...
broccoli, healthy heart, heart disease, health

Include Broccoli and these things in your routine to avoid Heart Diseases.

Healthy lifestyle is in trend and everyone is trying to get in shape and to prevent diseases. The scientists are also doing many researches...
antibiotic resistance, bacteria, health

Prolonged exposure of low dose of antibiotics will lead to resistance in bacteria

Bacteria have always been a biggest mystery for researchers as they are sometimes good and sometimes bad for human beings and their living. It...

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