Now, one of the most heart-wrenching incidents happened in Chennai in which a hospital was forced to shut down for some time. The missing report of a patient from the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai now turned into a murder mystery. The missing patient was a woman whose name is Sumitha, 41 years old. The woman was admitted to the hospital in May this year. After she was missing from the hospital then his husband filed a complaint to the police station on 31st May 2021. Sumita’s husband Mouli alleged that she went missing from the hospital on May 23. Despite a lot of searching, she could not be found.

Case of Missing Patient at Chennai Hospital

On 8th June 2021, hospital staff discovered a decomposed body on the eighth floor of Tower-3. The floor was vacant for some time and it is expected that the woman was kept on the eighth floor. Later, the body was moved to the hospital mortuary. After the body transferred to the mortuary then the hospital authorities asked her husband Mouli to came and identified the body if she is his wife. After Molly sees the clothes and bags that his wife used to take with her, helps to recognize that she is his wife. Later, Molly confirms that the mutilated body is that of his wife Sumita.

Chennai police registered a case and start investigating the case. The CCTV Footage of different wings of the hospital already checked by the police. Later, to get some more details related to the incident, police summoned Radhidevi for questioning. After the investigation comes in front that Radhidevi was in need of money and spots Sumitha with some money in her bag. Later, the contract worker allegedly planned to rob Sumita. Police officers confirmed that Radhidevi went to the bed where Sumitha was admitted around 12.30 am on the night of May 22 and May 23. After that, she takes Sumita with her saying that she is taking Sumita for a scan.

Radhidevi took Sumitha in the wheelchair out of the ward to the eighth floor through the service lift. On the eighth floor, Radhidevi allegedly strangled the victim with the rope. Also, the victim was not in a condition that she bears any type of torcher and she leaves her breath. Now, the body of Sumitha was found on 8th June 2021 when the hospital staff going through the 8th floor. Let us also tell you that any suspect has not been arrested yet. Otherwise, we will update all the information related to the incident.


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