The investigation began after a 36-years-old woman, Carol Butt also known as Karol Butt died from a gunshot wound on her mouth, according to the police reports some years ago. After the body of the lady was found, the police began the investigation of this case and according to the autopsy report, it was revealed that Valium which is similar to a drug was found in her system with some muscle relaxant.


With all of this, her blood alcohol level was reported at 0.08%, which revealed that the person was drunk. Later, the police suspect some people who could be present at the moment and she was alone.

Carol Butt aka Karol Butt Suicide Case

It is unclear that who was responsible for her death? After a few days of investigation, Police suspect Carol’s husband whose name is Michael Butt. He told a developing story to the official after which, he was suspected by the police. With all of this, Michael was accused of a sexual battery charge and he was ordered by the court to appear on Monday in the Jackson County court.

As per the reports, Michael Butt was accused of sexual battery charges as he stroked a teenage patient. Now, we are going to share more details regarding to the murder case of Carol Butt.

According to the sources, Carol Butt aka Karol Butt was a 36-years-old woman who was brutally murdered in February before decades. The investigator couldn’t find that Carol’s death was suicide, murder or any kind of accident. There is no specific information found yet that her husband should be charged on her murder case or not. Due to the lack of evidence into the case, police removed all the allegations put over him during the investigation.

Where is her Husband Michael Butt?

While, Carol’s friend came further to tell that she was depressed and maybe, it was not surprising for them that she took her own life. It believes that the case was totally suicidal case, said Carol’s husband, Michael Butt. It has been a long time and now, some highlights are coming out as the people want to know that where is Carol’s husband and their daughters.

According to the sources, Carol and Michael had three daughters together and because of this incident, the whole family had to go through some ugly charges that Michael killed his wife. Later, the case was closed and the court declared that it is a suicidal case. Currently, there is no reports or any information that where is he and his family. Well, there is no much information regarding to the case


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