Did Carmen and Corey Break Up? YouTubers Relationship Explained: The popular Youtubers Carmen and Corey have yet again caught the attention of their fans after yet another drama that revolved around them. This has led to rumors as well indicating that the pair is no longer together. This gives rise to the question, “Have they broken up?” or is it something entirely different that is being stretched by troublemakers that have spread the rumors. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Carmen and Corey

Did Carmen and Corey Break Up?

They have gained a huge number of followers on their Youtube channel, over the years. This is all the work of the arguments that they usually circle around, which made them popular, though it may not be in a very good way. Maybe they have realized that people are attracted to drama even if they don’t like it. They have been talking about their lives online for a very long time and are quite known for it.

Have Carmen and Corey broken up?

There is a possibility that the popular Youtuber couple may have broken up after the fight they had recently. However, there have been many instances where the couple has broken up and then patched up later. This means that they will most certainly get back together, given that they have actually broken up.

Their first break-up was in 2017 when it was said that one of them was allegedly cheating. However, the issue was resolved quite quickly in a span of only a month. Then, they separated again in 2019. This was revealed in one of their videos at that time. And yet again, they made up and got back together. The reason they gave was that they got back for their son. A video of their marriage was uploaded again on the 28th of February in 2020.

It had only been a month after their marriage that they got to know that she had undergone a miscarriage. The pregnancy was a failure and they never got to welcome their second child together.

There has been a video on Reddit where the fans have started talking about the breakup of Carmen and Corey and the video has been going viral. The people on the internet have been alleging based on the video that Carmen and Corey have fought and are asking for a divorce.

But, there is one other side as well that thinks that the couple won’t be breaking up anytime in the near future. They say that they have seen them together even in their worst of times when it mattered the most.


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