Carlton VFL Match Report: In the rugby match on the 16th of July, the Carlton reached the top four with their wonderful performance made them win over Geelong. One of the teams, the Blues had a wonderful entry into the match by the opening of the five goals of the match, but by the end of the game, they lost the game. However, the other teams such as Mitch McGovern and Marc Pittonet played with their successful return in the match. Follow More Updates On

Carlton Vfl Match Report

Carlton VFL Match Report

On Saturday, July 16, the rugby game was played in the Greater Western Sydney at Marvel Stadium. This match was divided into four quarters, and each quarter had a different level of the match. Quarter One got to show the physical battle between the two sides of the teams. Ned Cahill had broken the opening goal of the match. The team Blues had Lochie O’ Brien who gave 35 meters out in the opening quarter. However, the team Blues was not left with any player to play by the end other than Ed Curnow.

In the second quarter, Domanic Akuei started the game with an open goal to convert that into five goals. In this quarter, the team Cats marked three goals in the remainder of the match. There was only Marc Pittonet who had been playing the game by the end of the second quarter. The Quarter third got to see the team Cats making their way in five in a row after the game had started by the team on slow phase to the second half for the team Blues. This part of the match ended up when Setterfielf gathered 10 disposals.

In the Fourth Quarter of the match, the team Cats found the opening goal of the last term that could hit the front for first. The team brought their players back to the ground for the play, and once again Cahill played the game in an interesting way. At the end of the fourth quarter, the team Blues claimed to win the match.


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