Today we are going to talk about Carl Pei. Along with Pete Lau, who is the founder of OnePlus, and the company is known as one of the most popular Android smartphone brands worldwide, however, Pei gave the company nearly seven years, now he left the company citing some reasons.

Carl Pei

This was confirmed by Reddit user JonSigur and he published alleged screenshots of internal memos in OnePlus. Published screenshots listed the company’s leadership structure, under which Pei was notably absent. The memo also noted Emily Dai, in charge of OnePlus operations in India, was recently appointed as head of the Nord product line globally. Let us tell you that Pei was previously in charge of Nord, and who was prominently featured in the documentary about the development of the phone.

According to sources, it is revealed by a spokesperson that Pei is actually relinquishing his position in one plus because the denial of one plus by one plus is evidence that Pei is leaving this post of the founder. OnePlus’s other co-founder, Pete Lau, is still present in the company but not Pei. And there are some other founders who are present as CEOs. However, he has diverted some attention from OnePlus, as he played a limited role in his parent company Oppo in August. Along with this, due to the decrease of the founder of one plus due to the Oppo company, this situation is raising a question on the name of one plus.

According to sources, Pei has given up but is yet to be officially confirmed. Apart from this, Android Central’s report revealed that Pei has left the company “in recent weeks”, although OnePlus is still out on any specific publication or it’s still not ready to make an official statement in its own media. No official confirmation has been received from his side yet.


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