Cancer Causing More Deaths Than Cardio Diseaese

Researchers said on Tuesday that within a few decades it will become the world's Killer if this trend continues.

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Image source: Harvard Heath- Harvard University

In HIC, High-Income country cancer is causing more mortality than heart diseases Cancer overtakes cardio diseases and killing people. Researchers said on Tuesday that within a few decades it will become the world’s Killer if this trend persists. In LMIC, Low-Middle Income Country heart diseases are trending and play a game of Death.

Study says- among 40% of the case, cardio diseases remain on the top for the cause of mortality among middle-aged in India as well as globally but there is no such case in HIC, where cancer is causing the twice of the deaths.

Dr. Gilles Dagenais, Emeritus Professor at Laval University, Quebec, Canada and lead author of the first report said-“The world is witnessing a new epidemiologic transition among the different categories of non-communicable diseases (NCD), with cardiovascular disease (CVD) no longer the leading cause of death in HIC,” and added that “Our report found cancer to be the second most common cause of death globally in 2017, accounting for 26 percent of all deaths. But as CVD rates continue to fall, cancer could likely become the leading cause of death worldwide, within just a few decades.”

The study revealed that there are many factors that cause Cardiovascular diseases in LMICs are pollution, high cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, smoking, poor diet, low education. Many of these issues are less in HICs, where cancer is dominating other mortal diseases.

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In the year 2017, Researchers said out of 55 Million death, 1.7 Million were the case of CVD( Cardiovascular diseases). High blood pressure,  high cholesterol, diabetes cause 70% of the deaths in the slot of CVD. these factors are less in HICs and they can be prevented through proper medicines and meditations resulting in a very less amount of deaths.

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Cancer is now becoming the world’s killer and on the top of Deadly diseases in the HICs. Every year, cancer caused 17% of the total death. By knowing this Information, Medical Infrastructure made alterations to accommodate cancer patients in India.



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