The voting time begins for the upcoming leader of Canada. Yes, the Canada Federal Election has started and here you will know the live updated about election polls and voting news. The current time is challenging for current prime minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau. Canadian citizens have chosen Mr Justin Pierre James Trudeau as the 23rd prime minister in the year 2015.

 Canada Federal Election Polls and News

Now the election has started again to choose the next leader and current PM Justin Pierre James Trudeau has to face off against the opponent. The five years journey is completed and now the Canadian citizens will decide who will regulate Canada from this point.

Canada Election 2021 Updates

Currently, everyone is curious to know the upcoming leader and winner of this 2021 federal election. As per the information, 34 percent of Canadians still believe that Justin Trudeau will be the best prime minister for the Country.  The majority of people are in the support of Trudeau.

On Sep 9 there was a face-to-face public debate between both the candidates. The debate helps people to decide the right one and choose the best leader who can bring the country to the peak level. While the official debate will be held next week. So wait for few days and you will see this war between two parties will get more heat.

“We should not be in a campaign. Only Mr. Trudeau wanted this campaign for his own personal interests,” O’Toole told reporters on Friday.

Canada Federal Election Polls and News

“Without strong leadership on vaccines, our kids won’t be safe in the classroom, our businesses won’t grow and thrive, and all Canadians will be at risk,” Trudeau said.

Possibly there will be many things that come to appear during this federal elections debate. The current polls indicating that Trudeau will win this time also and he will be the prime minister for the next five years more. To know the Federal Elections live update make sure you have bookmarked this website.


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