What Happened To Cameron Herrin? Car Accident Video Footage Explained: This is another piece of news from the world of TikTok but this time it is the Tiktok star that is in question for committing an accident. The TikTok star Cameron has yet again been involved in a felony. The 22-year-old has hit a lady who was about 24 years old and was carrying a baby over a year old with her. The reports say that he was driving his black Ford Mustang when he hit the woman. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Cameron Herrin Car Accident

Who is Cameron Herrin?

Cameron is born on September 9, 1999, and is 22 years old currently. He is a celebrity on the renowned platform TikTok. He is also an influencer on social media, an entrepreneur from Texas, and also an ex-convict. He has been arrested and convicted previously. This is an incident of vehicular homicide as stated by the police.

He is known for making lip-sync videos on the platform. He is also known to have a mixed ethnic background and hails from the Christian religion. He is the youngest in the family. Cameron used to go to Tampa Catholic School for his elementary education and went to Texas Tech University for his further education. The mustang that was involved in the accident was bought by his parents for him. His mother Cherryl is serving the position of vice-president at State Farm Insurance.

What happened To Cameron Herrin?

From the sources, the information is that the accident had occurred when Cameron was doing street racing with his friend from school, John Barrineau. This resulted in the crash and death of the 24-year-old Jessica who was carrying 21-month-old Lilia, who was supposedly her daughter. This caused Cameron to be charged in the case of vehicular homicide.

Jessica was carrying Lilie in a stroller when the driver Cameron lost control of his car and hit the two that were passing by. Jessica died on the spot and Lilie died the day after. Cameron was arrested alongside his brother for the act of reckless driving and the felony of killing someone using a vehicle.  This act has made him serve 24 years in jail and will be released in the year 2044.

Cameron Herrin Car Accident Video

He was someone who had a lot of fans and had made quite a name on social media. The news of his arrest must have made his family and friends feel terrible. But the victims were served justice and the culprit got only what he deserved in the end. If there is more information revealed on the incident then we will share them with you as soon as possible.

Cameron Herrin’s Net Worth

Cameron used to earn quite a lot from his social media account. This was also because he was able to gather a lot of followers on social media. There is an estimate that he had a net worth of around $800k-900k approximately.


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