This is the announcement for all the lovers of Call Of Duty Season 5: Black OPS Cold War and the season is finally here but an announcement was made before the streaming. On Wednesday, Treyarch made an announcement regarding the delay of the season 5 release. Season 5 will not be going to release on Friday and Thursday for some time zones.

Call Of Duty Season 5 Release Date and Time

Also, Treyarch revealed an amazing announcement regarding season 5. The announcement is all about double-crossing your friends. In the new season, there are some amazing weapons including TEC-9, EM2 Assault Rifle, and Marshall Handgun. Also, there are multiplayer maps as well in the season.

Now, the players will have to wait for some time until the midseason reloaded the patch for the parts. This actually happens sometimes where you can watch. Well, the delay of only one day will also give all the players of the passes of season 4. Now, here are some details regarding to the release and the time of the release. Many fans are searching for the reason behind the delay of season 5.

The Delay Of Season 5 Release Date

As per the sources, the reason behind the delay of the season was the testing issue of the game. Also, the spokesperson told in the email about the delay. The spokesperson said that the season will not launch on Friday.

Also, the speculations are regarding the current allegation which is facing by Activision Blizzard. Due to the many allegations, Activision is facing lots of problems to launch season 5. The editor is facing some harassment cases which is accused by women in the month of July. Well, the clarity of the delay is not cleared yet.

Now, the Call Of Duty Season 5: Black OPS Cold War will release on this Friday, August 13, 2021, at 12 AM ET. Well, the new release date was announced after 24 hours of the original date. Treyarch released the statement regarding the delay and content for season 5. As per the spokesperson, there was some testing issue in the season 5 game.


Call Of Duty Season 5: Black OPS Cold War

Now, the official & new date has come out and fans can download or update the next season in the game which is interesting to play and watch. The game has millions of players across the world and even, I also like to play this game sometimes and as far as my concerned, there is no other game that matches with Call Of Duty Season 5. So, you can download the latest season through the official website.


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