Cake Browser : Unique Features to rule over Chrome, Google, Safari and UC Browser.

cake browser


Cake browser is the new browser in town freaking out Chrome, Safari, UC and trust me they all are freaking out badly seeing the trending app browser named after Cake. Yes, Cake, Cake browser is a fresh and new app produced by the startup company Cake found in 2016. The cake has recently announced that they have raised about $5 million dollars for the efforts from Peak Ventures, Pelion Ventures, and Kickstart Seed Fund.

The working of the browser is pretty unique comparing to the other browsers. As soon as you search anything, the browser will show the first result instead of a long list and if you want to see the next result, all you have to do is to swipe right.cake browser specifications, features

cake browser


The other top results will be cached by the browser so that you don’t have to waste time in loading the other if the first doesn’t satisfy you. It also lets the user choose their preferred search engines, from Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing. The US developers have made the app for Android and iOS both. It can run only on mobile phone, not on desktop

You can set the source the categories like limiting the search to images, shopping, videos, and news by changing the settings. It comes with

  1. Inbuilt ad-blocker,
  2. Private browsing
  4. Multi-tabs.

It comes with a little drawback which I will feel that in other browsers we get to see some preview and read it, if we find it according to our need then we can open it and read the full article but here the whole article is displayed beforehand.

Hurry and download this cool app for free and let us know in the comment box whether this cake is sweet or not.


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