Who are Caddick’s Parents? House & Property Fight Drama Explained: Melissa Caddick has been for a long period of time. The girl had stolen millions of dollars from her parents and went missing. There has been a piece of information by the sources that a group of around 23  investors has put their concern in the Federal Court that the parents of Caddick have claimed that their Edgecliff apartment is their last place to live and they only have the Edgecliff apartment with them left with, and they have requesting the authorities to not allow the investors sell it to anyone. The statement was read by Justice Brigitte Markovic on the 25th of July. According to the statement by the parents of Melissa Caddick, the parents of the girl had the right to at the Edgecliff apartment without giving the rent for their entire life. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

caddick parents

Who are Caddick’s Parents?

Melissa Caddick was born on the 21st of April in 1971, and her entire name is Melissa Louise Caddick. The girl was named to be Grmley by the media personnel when Melissa Caddick started to cover the limelight. She spent her entire childhood in Lugarno, Sydney. The girl completed her graduation from the University of Technology Sydney, but the University of Technology alleges that Melissa Caddick did not complete her graduation from their University.

Caddick’s Parent’s House Drama

Melissa Caddick went missing in the month of November 2020 when the Australian Securities and Investments Commission reached her home the investigation the girl who was running the financial services business without the license of Australian Finance Servies. The Australian Federal Police officers and the Australian Securities Investments Commission raided her home in Dover Heights, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. However, there are reports that Melissa Caddick had died the day when the investigation took place.

Caddick’s Parent’s Property Fight

Melissa Caddick was claimed by the Australian Federal Police and Australian Securities and Investments Commission that the girl had stolen around A$30 million from different investors. The most wanted Melissa Caddick started to work with the NRMA which was an investment division. Melissa Caddick had also worked at a boutique investment bank as an office administrator,

While the girl was working with the company in 1998, she had stolen around $2,000 from the company. According to the sources, Melissa Caddick had forced her boss to sign several cheques, and later the company asked Melissa Caddick to leave the office with them not having to call the police and the girl was said to not return the money back she had stolen by force.


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