Burger King Employee Goodie Bag GoFundMe: The GoFundMe campaign has raised $100k for an employee of Burger King after his video of getting a goody bag goes viral. The video of a loyal employee that has been working at Burger King for more than 27 years, has gone viral on the platform Tik Tok as he was seen receiving a gift bag on his work anniversary. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

The name of the employee is Kevin Ford and his daughter Seryna had started the GoFundMe campaign for her father. The campaign received $5,000 from David Spade who is an SNL alum and was intrigued and impressed by the campaign. He has been receiving a huge number of people who have been donating on the GoFundMe platform after the video of him getting a bag as a reward for

Burger King Employee Goodie Bag GoFundMe

his 27th work anniversary went viral on Twitter.

Kevin has been working and is still working as a cook and cashier at the Burger King in the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and has never missed a day in his 27 years of work in the franchise. This information was revealed in the video that went viral.

The most attention that the video got was from the platform Twitter, although its original source still remained to be TikTok. The goody bag was seen to contain a movie ticket, a cup of Starbucks, and some candy that was contained in a drawstring backpack. The gesture is seemingly very sweet and that is why the people were drawn to it.

The reference that Kevin gave to the bag of goodies was that it was like a bag of rewards that were given to him for his loyalty to the franchise. But, there are always who will have criticism for everything no matter how good it may seem. This incident was also not left out as there were people on the internet who called him lackluster for working in the same company for almost 3 decades.

But, despite what anyone says it is commendable for someone to be this loyal and he has finally been rewarded as well. Kevin had felt let down by the gesture but was also grateful that he was recognized for his work. He also said that the goody bag didn’t really measure up to the monetary rewards that were received by the employees before the pandemic.

Kevin is a single father and was given full custody of his two daughters. He had continued to work at Burger King to provide for the basic needs of her daughters, as it was described in the GoFundMe description. It was also made clear that there is no urgent financial need for Kevin but the donation would enable him to visit his grandchildren that are living in Texas.


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