A well-established luxury supercar company Buggati has launched its three smartwatches in the market. The makers have announced that the new models of smartwatches will be packed with cutting-edge technology. The company has launched the watches in an online event where they disclosed the features of smartwatches. They have collaborated with the watchmaker VIIA to launch their new smartwatches. They are as classy as the brand’s high-performance supercars are. VIITA has inflorescence to become a leading luxury smartwatch brand in the market. The new VIITA Titan HRV smartwatch has recently launched and the

Bugatti smartwatches

design of this swatch is inspired by Iceland’s mountains and its motive to fill the gap between luxury and timepieces with state-of-the-art smartwatch technology. The smartwatches are extremely lightweight and reliable. It will fit into any lifestyle which includes social life and play without looking into the place. Buggati watch is made up of more than 1,000 tiny parts which are aligned together. The three models of smartwatches are named as LeNoire, Buggati Pur Sport, and Divo. All of them are Biggati ceramic and also called the Buggati smartwatch limited edition.

There will be the smart features a high resolution that is 390*3900pixels with AMOLED display and sculpted sapphire glass housing. The smartwatch is powered by a 445-mAH battery which will go for two weeks with a single charge. The bezel of the Buggati smartwatch is made of scratch-resistant ceramic. This is IP 68 prove which means it is water and dust resistant up to 10 ATM. The smartwatch works perfectly with Android 7.0 and iOS 13.0 devices. This watch will guide keep you updated with your health and fitness as the acceleration sensor are inbuilt. There are many different modes in the smartwatch such as GPS support to

monitor the vital statics at any moment. The heart rate sensor will keep you updated with heart rate variability as well. These watches are designed to be a status symbol which also a different mode of using technology. The operating system is developed by VITTA and the smartwatch will function on it. They can be paired with both android and iOS.These watches will not support Google fit and Apple health app. There will be an option of purchasing it with a Bugatti rubber wrist strap and titanium strap. The wrist bands can be customized according to your choice. Currently, the launching price of this smartwatch is Rs.80,000/-. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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