One of the most popular streaming apps of India, KOOKU has released too many web series for the watchers of India and again, they are coming back with one more web series that showing something new like always. The first look of the web series has been released on the Youtube and fans are eagerly waiting to watch this amazing web series because of its concept and a fantastic cast.

BubblePur (Part 1)

The name of the series is “Bubblepuur” and after viewing the first look of the series, it seems that many popular Bollywood stars are going to be a part of the series and they are also playing a lead role in the series.

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BubblePur (Part 1) KOOKU Web Series

Along with this, all the cast members are showing the incredible role and the first look shows some exciting story as well where the story shows the life of villagers. Well, we will share all the information related to the release below including its storyline, cast, and release.

Well, the makers always announce the release date of the series during the trailer’s release but this time, it didn’t happen and now, the fans are going excited to know the release date of the web series so, you don’t need to worry as all the information is available on this page. Scroll down and get every update of the web series named “Bubblepur”.

BubblePur (Part 1) Episode, Review

Bubblepur Web Series KOOKU: Storyline

The first of 47 seconds has been released on Youtube and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next web series. It will be interesting to watch this as the story of the series revolves around the life of villagers. Where the villagers will have to control to do birth as the order is released by the head of the village. Things get change and everyone in this village decides to use this. Now, let’s see what will be changed in the village and how the people will react to this?

Bubblepur Web Series KOOKU: Cast

In the first look, it can be seen that some of the popular Bollywood actors have become a part of the series and they have already worked in some Bollywood movies and are now, going to be a part of this web series. Hemant Pandey and Asrani are the main characters of the story and along with them, Pooja Joshi, Nisha, Arjun, and Karan are the lead role of the series.

Well, the first look has been released and after it has been a single day of release of the first look and it has been gained more than 1 Lakh views so, we can analyze the hype of the show. Well, the watchers will have to wait for few days because the web series will release on October 1st, 2021 on the KOOKU platform. So, get ready to watch this web series on the platform but you will have to purchase the membership of the series.


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