An interview with BTS V’s Weavers stunned ARMY as the interview claimed that the Grammy-nominated group had made the singer’s December hit “Snow Flower” in just three hours. The interview was actually very interesting as the group shared lots of incidents and inspirational moments that they faced in the journey. The singer of “Sweet Night” also shared the inspiration behind the iconic “Butter” look and ARMY being his close friends. With V’s really up close and personal words, BTS ARMY can’t get enough of Kim Taehyung’s dashing look for the Weavers interview.

Bts V weverse interview and more

BTS V Weverse Interview Reveals

Many fans sharing some images of Kim Taehyung in which his hazelnut hair, a striped shirt, and blue denim make him the finest man as per the fans. The interview mainly shed a light on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in which the 26 years old vocalis shared making “Snow Flower” as a Christmas gift to ARMY in just three hours.

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Just after that, the interview went viral and millions of people all over the world watched the interesting interview in which the artist shared lots of amazing and inspirational moments of his life. Not only this, but the interview also reveals many amazing things that every fan of BTS V Weverse has to know.

Taetae said that “My mixtape was delayed, so I at least wanted to play a different song for ARMY, and I thought since I’m a bit tipsy (laughs) I thought I should try writing something. So I made the song really quickly. In maybe three hours”. On the other hand, the solo of Kim Taehyung “Butter” broke an existing Instagram record only with his teaser images even the singer has not released the music video.

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For the look in Butter, the singer said that “I randomly ended up seeing a video on YouTube of some scenes from an old teen movie Johnny Depp did [which turned out to be the movie Cry-Baby]. The image I got from that was really intense. That’s the look I used in the “Butter” song”.

As all of us know that BTS V always containing such a huge fan base for creating unique music every time. The journey of every single singer in the group is very inspirational and worthy to know. Now, the interview of BTS V Weverse was also getting much attention, and millions of people regularly trying to watch the complete interview. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming details related to the topic.


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